T H E   E M I G R A N T
The Journey - The new country

  • Desideria INGEBORG Sjöberg, born Sep 11 1876
  • moves to Stockholm Jan 24 1893, age 17,
  • work as an maid at Mrs. Axelsson.
  • In dec 1893 she moves in Stockholm and are working for Mrs, Sparrman.
  • The Sjöberg daugters seams to be working for mrs, Sparrman all her life. The latest was Ebba Åkerberg.
    Mrs. Sparrman
  • May 22 1901 she is "fully moved out" from Klara parish.
  • She leaves Gothenburg Jun 07 1901 age 24
  • with the ship Ariosto for Hull, England

    Her fellow

  • Ingeborg is cousine with Anna Borg
  • ANNA Lovisa Borg is born 1878
  • lives in Hedvig Eleonora parish in Stockholm
Anna Borg
Helleboda 1901
Helleboda 1901
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